Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Michelle Obama Uses Madrid Trip to Promote Girls Education

Michelle Obama Uses Madrid Trip to Promote Girls Education.

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the USA, took a trip to Madrid recently to discuss the girls education as part of her “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

Her daughters Malia and Sasha made the trip with Michelle, along with her mother Marian Robinson. They came into Madrid from Morocco as they are on a three-leg tour of the area.

The First Lady gave a speech in Madrid where she talked about how proud she was that the USA is on the verge of electing their first ever female president, and took the chance to encourage the Spanish girls in the crowd to embrace all the educational opportunities presented to them and reach as far as they could.

Michelle said that she was proud that the US could elect their first female president in reference to Senator Hilary Clinton, the current forerunner for Democratic nominee for president. Clinton is likely to face Republican nominee Donald Trump in the fight for the White House.

Michelle began her “Let Girls Learn” School initiative in March of 2015. The focus of the initiative is to provide a quality education to girls around the world. Michelle spoke of her sadness that over 62 million girls would be unable to reach their potential because they are blocked from accessing an education.

She encouraged listeners to imagine how it must feel to be ready and willing to get an education only to be told that you can’t learn anything else because you are a girl. These girls will be unable to live their dreams and will instead be forced to marry a man twice their age and start a family.

Michelle also took time to meet with Queen Letizia, who she describes as a dear friend. The younger Obama girls took a shopping trip around Gran Via while their mother gave her address.

President Barack Obama himself is due to visit Spain  for a three-day long official visit.