Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Mayor of Manilva, Diego Jose Jimenez asks foreign residents not to panic

Mayor of Manilva, Diego Jose Jimenez asks foreign residents not to panic

The Council of Manilva recently reassured foreign nationals and residents living in Costa del sol, and asked them not to panic. The Mayor of Manilva, Diego Jose Jiminez along with the councilor Dean Tyler Shelton recently made this public statement after Brexit, as the citizens were tensed and had no clarity about the legality.

No reason to be worried as Spain needs Brits more than ever
As per their statement, they said that they want to send across a clear message to the citizens of Britain and home owners who are presently residing in Manilva that they are most welcome to continue staying in Manilva and there is nothing to worry about. Manilva is only a small town located on the western edge of Costa del Sol region, which is in the South of Spain and they said that they have a deep gratitude for the economic, cultural and social contribution of Brits to the region. They also said that there will not be any difference in their opinion or stand due to Brexit referendum and everything will remain the same.

As of now, there are nearly three thousand Brits registered and residing in Manilva and Sabinillas permanently and they have invested millions in different ways, thereby benefiting the businesses and towns of the region as they pay taxes and work for the betterment of local residents as well.

They reassured that it is now their responsibility to make sure that the process is painless for them and the changes do not affect the foreign expats in any possible way. We will also help you to heal the divisions that have arisen among families and neighbors due to the campaign, they said during the statement.

They also finished their statement by quoting the popular quote. “It is time to focus on what unites us, rather than that which divides us’.