Friday, 21 July 2017

Record Sea Temperatures Noted in Spain as Mercury Soars

Record Sea Temperatures Noted in Spain as Mercury Soars

The summer in the Costa del Sol is in full swing
with temperatures rising 

The stunning coastline of Spain is brimming with warm water, which is great news for those predisposed to cold water.

It looks like the idea of taking a cool dip in the Mediterranean Sea might not be on the menu following water temperatures reaching 24.3ºC off the coast of Almeria.

While the temperature of the water remains around 10 degrees less than the air temperature, it’s still warmer than much of the water across Europe and is the highest sea temperatures have been in Spain for over a decade.

Buoys across the Cantabrian, Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines have been registering temperatures higher than usual as the summer really kicks in. Across the north, off Cabo Silleiro in Galicia, sea temperatures reached 19.9ºC; the highest temperature ever and around 1.25ºC higher than last June.

The buoy at the Bay of Biscay in Bilbao registered temperatures of 23.5ºC, while water temperatures in Tarragona to the northeast of Spain reached a high of 27ºC across the weekend.

The temperature down at the Costa del Sol is a little cooler thanks to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean moving along the Gibraltar straits.

Marine experts are assessing the changes in temperature and believe that there’s currently no reason to concerned as water temperatures between June and September are typically between 23 and 27 degrees. 

It’s inevitable that modern records will be matched – or indeed broken – given the current temperatures and lengthening days.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Brit Avoids Extortionate UK Train Fares by Flying to London Via Spain

Brit Avoids Extortionate UK Train Fares by Flying to London Via Spain

This just shows us how much the uk is over charging for everything 
Even though environmentalists might not be fans of it, plenty of smart travellers are coming up with new and impressive ways to avoid the extortionate rale fares in the UK. Most of the time this involves taking a quick flight to Spain.

The latest such savvy Brit managing to avoid British rail is 21-year old student Joe Furness; who saved £40 by flying from Newcastle to London via a stop in Menorca rather than coughing up the £78.50 it would take to catch a train.

Furness shied away from the rail fare, opting to catch a flight to Menorca from Spain for just £15.99, returning to the country the next day on a £10.99 flight from Menorca to London. Even though not everyone would have the luxury of a spare day, the tale of this student should serve as a reminder to travellers that they should always shop for bargains rather than taking what they feel they are forced to.

Furness hired a car in Spain for £7.50 and travelled across the island during his 12-hour layover. Furness talked to, saying that he thought “why not?” when he saw how much the train ride would cost. Instead he chose to fly to Menorca through Thomas Cook, relax on the beach with a cocktail, and then fly to London to meet his friends.

Furness added his friends had thought he was joking when he told them that he would be flying into London from Spain, and that they didn’t believe him until they picked him up at Gatwick airport.

While it sounds like this tale only came together thanks to chance and circumstance, it doesn’t change the fact that flights from the UK to Spain are very cheap, which has done wonders for Brits looking to purchase homes.

Given how easily and cheaply anyone in the UK can get to Spain, it brings them one step closer to their dream of owning a home in thesun.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Marbella Council Approves Two New Dog-Friendly Beaches

Marbella Council Approves Two New Dog-Friendly Beaches

There are several dog friendly beaches which are a warm welcome 

There are a number of unwritten rules about Spanishbeaches; don’t put your towel near others, don’t be too loud and obnoxious, don’t stare at others, and don’t leave your dogs off their leash. Really, it’s better to avoid taking your dog at all.

While this certainly sounds harsh to man’s best friend – who we feel would love to run through as much surf and partake in as many picnics as possible – these rules ensure that beaches are kept free of dog mess and allows children free reign to play without fear of being attacked by a dog that suddenly becomes aggressive.

Even so there’s no denying that dogs love beaches, and that humans love dogs; at least their own. It’s not hard to understand why Miguel Diaz, the Councillor for Sustainability of Marbella has decided to open up sections of the shoreline of the Costa del Sol more dog-friendly. 

The councillor announced the Junta de Andalucía has greenlit opening up two new dog beaches in the summer, one in the El Pinillo area of Marbella, and the other in the Ventura del Mar in Nueva Andalucía. 

Diaz says that the council was placed under increasing demand for more dog-friendly zones in recent years. The council chose these two locations because they aren’t as popular with regular beach-goers, meaning that the dog zones aren’t going to interfere with regular tourists looking for some fun in the sun. 

The council also published a brief set of regulations dog owners must follow at the beaches; namely that pets have to be kept under control, waste must be cleaned up, and dogs must have current vaccinations. 

This ruling is making it easier than ever to be a fan of both beaches and dogs in southern Spain. The ruling adds to the list of dog-friendly beaches in the region. There are other designated dog-friendly beaches in the area including San Pedro, Fuengirola, Torre del Mar, Casares, Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga City, Mijas Costa, Benualmádena. 

Several of these specified areas are open to dogs throughout the whole year, while others will place restrictions for the summer season. Given that bylaws can change between different towns, it’s always a good idea to check at the local Town Hall or Tourist Information Office to avoid running the risk of being fined.