Wednesday, 26 July 2017

North Korean Officials Visit Spain to get Beach Resort Inspiration

North Korean Officials Visit Spain to get Beach Resort Inspiration

Leader Kim Jong-Un
North Korea is known for doing things their own way and locking themselves out from the rest of the world. It seems the only time we hear from the country is when they are attempting to push their latest propaganda.

Even the North Koreans are willing to admit they aren’t the best at everything however, which is why the nation is known to (unofficially) import computers, cars, and wines from around the world.

While one could hardly import their own ready-made beach resort, North Koreans are doing the best they actually can do; which is sending20 officials off to the Spanish resorts of Salou and Benidorm in order to learn from the best how to deliver great tourism.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un is looking to build a Mediterranean-style resort in the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan.

The North Korean embassy of Madrid did indeed confirm officials enjoyed a fact-finding road-trip along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, stopping in Benidorm; where officials were reportedly amazed by the dimensions of the famous holiday parks and towers of the resort.

The officials also cited the Marina d’Or tourism complex of Orpoesa del Mar as being the closest thing to what North Korea are planning to build in Wonsan. They say that the new resort in the country is to be aimed at both domestic and international markets.

The 20 officials from North Korea are said to have visited Barcelona but were reportedly unimpressed with the architectural and cultural highlights of the city; rather they focused on the beaches that surround the edges of the city.

A spokesman from the embassy said that they were so focused on the beaches because that is what they were most interested in.

The history-based theme park Terra Mitica of Benidorm might serve as an inspiration for North Korea, however, as they said that it might be a good idea to create a theme park that shows how North Korea achieved perfection.

The embassy said that the delegates loved seeing how the theme park recreated Mediterranean civilisations, and felt it would be interesting to apply the concept to a theme park of their own; perhaps one covering Asian civilisations.

All that’s left now is to wonder how the delegates will eel after seeing the glitz, glamour, and individual wealth of areas such as PuertoBanús and the Costa del Sol.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Survey Finds Spaniards are More Confident About Economy

Survey Finds Spaniards are More Confident About Economy

Spain is back and every sector is on the up.
Over half of Spanish people now believe that the economy of the country is doing well almost a decade after one of the worst recessions to ever hit the country.

The survey was carried out by international consulting firm GAD3 and it showed 52.5% of Spaniards had confidence that Spain will be one of the best-performing economies of Europe, a claim supported by leading economists who believe the country really is leading the way for growth.

This represents an 11.3% increase in optimism since the survey was put out last year, and it reflects the experiences of the average Spaniard, as more jobs and improved job security are becoming reality for many people across the country.

A poll that covered just Barcelona conducted by the City Hall discovered Barcelona residents no longer consider being employed and their working conditions to be their primary concern. This is the first that job security hasn’t been the main concern since 2009.

However, the poll also showed that Barcelona residents are starting to feel the pressure of tourism. The city continues to grow as a cultural, beach, and party hub of the world. It’s bringing plenty of prestige and money to the city, but it’s also starting to infringe on the livelihoods of residents.

Tourism concerns hit the top of the polls for the first time in history, causing Deputy Mayor Gerardo Pisarello to declare that the issue has nothing to do with some kind of “tourism phobia” ad that people in Barcelona remain fans of travel and seeing tourists. The condition is one of concrete malaise caused by overcrowding.

Barcelona recorded nine million official overnight stays in 2016, but the City Hall estimates that the real number is closer to 30 million after accounting for rental options including AirBnB and private lets.

Barcelona famously announced that they planned to limit tourism numbers; as the city council have begun to refuse to grant new hotel licenses.

Barcelona’s success has been great for the economy of the city – as it has been great for the entire country – but, much like with the improved job market, the country needs to do some additional work to ensure as many people as possible are helped by the economic benefits.