Thursday, 21 July 2016

Brits Demand Exapts in Spain Be Given Dual Citizenship

Brits Demand Exapts in Spain Be Given Dual Citizenship

Its makes sense for Spain to allow Brits 
Dual citizenship.  
There is a petition calling for the Spanish government to give British expats who have been in Spain for over ten years dual nationality. The petition asks that the Spanish government perform an act of generosity for expats following the situation they have found themselves in after the UK voted to leave the EU. The petition goes on to say that many expats, both from Spain and the UK, are uncertain about their future and becoming desperate.

The petition was started by journalist and author Giles Tremlett, who has written for both the Guardian and the Economist. He gave an interview with The Local where he said that he started the petition because of what dual citizenship would mean to him personally and the practical benefits.

Tremlett said that after living in Spain for as long as he has he now has a dual identity. Tremlett is currently based in Madrid and has residency and lived in Spain for over 25 years. Because of this he was unable to vote in the referendum as there was a 15 year limit. He feels that he has been stripped of his European citizenship without being able to have his own say in the matter.

The petition follows the words of the German Vice Chancellor, who said that Germany should offer dual citizenship and urged other countries in the EU to do so as well. The Brexit vote has left many of the roughly 400,000 British expat wondering what will come next for them. Many of them are also worried about what will happen to their pensions and their right to buy property. Acting Prime Minister Rajoy has assured Brits living in Spain that they won’t wake up to find their rights stripped from them.

Tremett is one of the people who is deeply concerned about his pension following the Brexit vote. He has worked in both Spain and the UK and is now unsure what would happen to his pension if he was to move back to the UK to take care of his parents before returning to Spain.

He also made the argument that Spaniards living in Britain can apply for dual citizenship after five years but no such option exists for the Brits in Spain. Dual nationality doesn’t exist in Spain and to become a Spanish citizen one would have to renounce their original nationality. Tremlett is concerned that his sons, born in Spain but British nationals, do not have the right to denounce their nationality.

The petition also argues that there is a precedent for this kind of legislative change allowing double citizenship. Just last year Acting Prime Minister Rajoy granted dual citizenship to the ancestors of Jewish people who were forced out of Spain as part of the Spanish Inquisition of 1942.

Tremlett believes that dual citizenship would solve some of the problems that Brits in Spain are having, but admitted it wouldn’t solve all of them. He says that Britain was a part of the EU for 40 years, while Spain has been for 30 years now. This is more than long enough for people to buy property in Spain and build an entire life and future around being a European citizen. He feels that to have all of that suddenly stripped away is dramatic and traumatic.