Saturday, 29 April 2017

Figures Show This Was the Best March Ever for Spanish Job Creation

Figures Show This Was the Best March Ever for Spanish Job Creation

Great news for spain as a whole
When it comes to Spanish job creation, all of the projections from economists are positive when it comes to the year ahead. Many experts are confident that Spanish unemployment could dip below 17%; making it the first time this has happened in years.

Data from the Labour Ministry of Spain was published this week that shows why there is such certainty about this recovery. The figures for March show that Spain created more jobs this March than in any other March since records began.

A total of 48,500 Spaniards entered the workforce in March, with the figure soaring above 392,000 for the past 12 months. This equates to everybody in a mid-sized city being given a brand-new job.

Eurostat suggest that the figure could be even higher. They feel that over half a million Spaniards have entered the working world over the past year; which is the equivalent of the entire population of Malaga.

The total amount of Spaniards not working has dropped down to just four million. The most striking thing is that, during the past 12 months, some 1.2 million new jobs were created in the entire 19-member strong Eurozone. This would mean that Spain was responsible for around half of everyone employed during this time period.

There are a wider range of jobs on offer in the country too. The amount of indefinite contracts has risen by 18% across the past year, outperforming growth in the temporary employment sector; which increased 14.5%. This would appear to symbolise a growing confidence in the long-term growth of the country.

As far as industries go; it was the construction sector of Spain that had the best growth in March. The construction sector was responsible for some 2.44% of the jobs created; putting it ahead of every other sector.