Saturday, 3 September 2016

Spain Welcoming Tourists and World Media

Spain is breaking all records as Tourist flock to the country
Given that Spain has always been popular with the people it’s really strange how often the mainstream media just happen to stumble upon what the country has to offer.

While Spain could never be described as a hidden holiday gem that few people will ever get a chance to see, it’s also true that many media stories about Spain only focus on the negatives. Especially when it comes to the tourist sector. They seem unwilling to showcase the best there is.

Things have gotten a little different this summer. Many rival destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt are being passed over because of safety concerns. Even the south of France has found itself rocked by violence. Even the middle class media are beginning to see, and tout, Spain as being a safe haven for tourists and Spain is a great place to buy property.  

The Daily Telegraph recently published a list of 19 reasons that people are going back to Spain and this is a prime example of how everyone is softening up on Spain a little. It’s not often that the Telegraph of all publications would be so sympathetic and generous towards Spain. They would rather praise places such as Florence, Provence, and the Seychelles.

To give the Telegraph some credit though they have seen the unmissable trend that is that Spain is where everyone is going this summer and they published a very nice listicle showing the best of Spain.

Anyone who has been to Spain is unlikely to find something new but if you haven’t seen it here are some of the highlights from the Telegraph.

The cities: One of the great Spanish strengths is the wealth and beauty of the cities there. Barcelona, Seville, and everything in between are filled with history, culture, and fabulous foods.

The Moorish Heritage: If you’re talking about the Moorish heritage you need to talk about Andalucía, especially the Alhambra in Granada. Spain may have a varied and sometimes bloody history but it has left behind a wonderfully complex country with a rich architecture.

The lesser-known treats: La Coruña in Galicia deserves a look, especially because of their bountiful beaches and lovely old town; the ideal spot for some tapas. Another lesser-known treat is Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque country. History buffs should take a trip to the Roman aqueduct in Segovia.

The natural beauty: One thing Spain has in abundance is natural beauty; from the beaches, to the mountains, the non-stop sunshine. Almost everything in Spain is a real treat for the eyes and it’s something that everyone, even the Telegraph, knows all too well.