Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Poll Shows Brits Favour Spain as Their Number One Retirement Spot

Poll Shows Brits Favour Spain as Their Number One Retirement Spot

The poll in question saw 19% of the people who responded say that Spain would be their ideal retirement destination and it’s not hard to understand why they would.

Costa del Sol is still the number one place to retire.
The survey that found Spain is the top choice for British retirees was conducted by financial services company Retirement Advantage.

Spain took 19.4% of the vote; the highest of any European nation. It was also the top of the polls globally, knocking the United States down into second place. France came in fourth, behind Australia, while Italy, New Zealand and Canada all struggled to get even 5% of the votes.

The survey gives us further proof that Spain has become the top choice for British retirees looking to retire in a warm, accessible and affordable location. Even though there were some concerns about how the Brexit vote might damage the appeal of Spain, it looks like Spain has never been more popular with British retirees-to-be.

The survey saw 1,200 Brits aged between 18 and retirement age asked where they would prefer to retire. Spain came out on top which was the same result Retirement Advantage saw in 2013. In 2013 France was second and the USA came in third.

The Pension Technical Director of Retirement Advantage, Andrew Tully, says that many people hope to retire to a place filled with sunshine and a slower pace. They hope to find that by moving abroad and a country with cheaper living costs and property prices than the UK becomes a major draw.

Other data that comes from the World Economic Forum over the weekend showed that there are currently just under 5 million Brits estimated to be living overseas, around half of whom can be found in the EU. As such the UK is actually the EU country with the highest number of people living abroad, beating out Poland (4.4 million) and Germany (4 million).