Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Market Analyst PwC Says Conditions for Investing in Spanish Property are “Perfect”

Market Analyst PwC Says Conditions for Investing in Spanish Property are “Perfect”
Spain continues to be a fantastic long
term investment

The financial analyst firm PwC recently published a positive assessment of the Spanish property market, saying that the sector was “perfect” for investment in 2018. The report, titled Tendencies in the European Property Market in 2018, looked at leading property markets in the continent, assessing past performance and potential futures.

PwC believe that 2018 will be as strong as 2017 for the Spanish property market, with both sales numbers and average prices expected to increase. An interesting part of the report is the correlation between the health of the European economy and Spanish property. As European countries get stronger financially and have better job security, the Spanish real estate sector improves.

These parallels may be obvious but they aren’t always clearly defined by historically cautious analysts. Because of how foreign homebuyers affect the Spanish property sector, the more confident and rich Europeans are the better it is for Spain. 

Conditions in the country itself also make investing in Spanish property attractive for both domestic and foreign investors. Prices are expected to increase between 4-6% during 2018 and this kind of growth is ideal. It balances out returns on investment without increasing so much that it scares financial markets and banks. 

When you consider that Spanish property prices are still around a third lower than they were at the peak of 2007 and it’s obvious that Spain guarantees value for money when it comes to property.

The report was also impressed by how Spain is able to maintain interest in the recovery of their property market. Values and sales have been growing steadily for the past three years now, and PwC were pleased by this stability. This is why they concluded that Spanish investment conditions are “perfect”, which is high praise.