Friday, 6 April 2018

Data Shows January Spanish Home Values up 3.6%

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Data Shows January Spanish Home Values up 3.6%

Statistics published by Spanish property valuation firm Tinsa this week show the average home in Spain was worth around 3.6% more at the end of January 2018 compared to January 2017. 

With the increase of between 5-6% in 2017 – depending on the metric – signs are strong that 2018 will be another positive year for Spanish property. 

The data from Tinsa highlighted not just the nationwide average increase of 3.6% but also different regional variances. The data showed that property prices were up over 5% in the larger cities and provincial capitals of Spain during January, with an increase of around 4.1% across the Balearic and Canary islands.

Average prices increased around 3% for most of the Mediterranean coast, which is just below the national average. This is a reflection of the fact that demand for coastal properties is generally at its lowest in the winter months. Tinsa believes that home prices across the Mediterranean will reach above the national average as the summer sets in. 

An interesting note is that while the data from Tinsa doesn’t reveal the average selling price of Spanish homes for January, it does say that home values have reached the averages of June 2013, which was a time when the market faced a number of price corrections. 

Things were moving downwards back then while they are moving upwards today, and substantially at that. Home sales are increasing by an encouraging amount; 11-15% over the past few years. The average mortgage loan amount is also steadily increasing.