Monday, 15 January 2018

Monthly Sales Figures for Spanish Property Top 40,000

Monthly Sales Figures for Spanish Property Top 40,000
The Costa Del Sols continues to grow in property
valuation which is great news 

An analysis of Spanish property sales data by market valuation and appraisal firm Tinsa shows that transactions have stayed steady around the 40,000 mark for the last few months. The performance suggests that the Spanish property market is entering the next phase of growth; a sustained, steady, and encouraging stage of growth that comes after the rapid increases in property purchases found when markets initially recover.

The analysis from Tinsa runs up to the end of July, when 38,841 Spanish properties were sold. This represents a 16.8% increase over July of last year and also means that – taken as being the end of a 12-motnh period – property sales were at their highest level for over six years, reaching a total of 437,000.

All 17 of the autonomous Spanish communities recorded increases in sales, with Tinsa forecasting that there could be half a millionsales recorded in 2017 – which would be the largest figure for a decade. If this was to happen though, it would mean monthly sales averaged 44,000, which sounds a little too optimistic for the current market.

Even so, with sales figures growing steadily and the robust economy, the Spanish property market can be confident about the 2018 ahead of them.