Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Spanish Property Puts a Price on the Feel-Good Factor

Spain has been recovering from its worst crisis since Franco day 
and continues to do well in all sectors.
Spanish Property Puts a Price on the Feel-Good Factor
The raw data and the statistics gleaned from it might be effective for showing the strength of particular trends, but less tangible emotions come into play with things as life-altering as purchasing Spanish property. 

When analysing the most recent positive data for Spanish property from last month, the leading property consultant of Knight Frank mentioned that what they called the “feel-good factor” had quite the positive impact on both the prices and amount of sales of property in Spain. 

But just what is the “feel-good factor”? Is it possible to measure it? Or could it be considered the general sense of excitement about the current state of the Spanish economy?

Think about the last time you took a great holiday. You might not remember how much you spent, when your flight was, or even which hotel you stayed at. What you will remember though is how warm the sun was and how that made you feel; how you were relaxed when you felt the sand between your toes, and the wonder of al fresco dining with a warm evening breeze. 

The Spanish property sector is being washed with similar positive waves. There’s no doubt that rising house prices, increased sales volume, and interest in property from home and abroad underpins the overall positive vibe, but there’s a real sense that it’s Spain’s time to shine under all the hard data.

There are some problems in the country of course, but Spain is certainly beaming after spending about a decade as the poor man of Europe. The effects are starting to spread to the Spaniards themselves, who now have more job security and better pay than they’ve seen in over a decade. Even the average holidaymaker and homebuyer is benefiting, as they have a wealth of choice, affordability, and quality waiting for them in Spain. 

The summer may have ended for much of Europe now, but the sun is still shining – both figuratively and literally – across Spain and it looks like it’s not about to set any time soon.