Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Madrid Welcomes First Nap Bar in Spain

Madrid Welcomes First Nap Bar in Spain

Does the new nap are have any legs ? 
Spain treated the world to the siesta, and the world responded with the soul-crushing 9-5 office life. Spanish workers were forced to burn out in a strip-lit open office where they can’t even rest their eyes without having someone look down on them.

The siesta hasn’t died off just yet – especially in the more rural regions of Spain – but it has become more difficult for Spaniards to find the time for one. No doubt these Spaniards are going to embrace the new nap bar opening in Madrid to cater to those looking for that blessed mid-afternoon nap.

The Siesta and Go bar is inspired by similar concepts that can be found in Tokyo, Dubai, and London; three places where everyone understands the value of a well-rested worker. 

Patrons at the bar can enjoy going an hour’s sleep for as little as €12-14 per head, with both single and double rooms on offer. Of course, these establishments might be enjoyed by patrons looking to move their office flirtations into the next level, but these nap bars are primarily intended to be used as a place for tired workers to rest and recharge their batteries. 

The 19-room Siesta and Go is located in Azca; the financial heart of Madrid. Workers are able to walk in and ask for vacancies or book a stay in advance. The rooms at the bar are similar to hotel rooms in that they are regularly cleaned with fresh bedding. Staff are ready and willing to wake you up if you have trouble getting up on time as well. 

Siesta and Go also features a lounge filled with comfortable chairs, coffee, and newspapers, allowing customers to just walk in and get awayfrom the Spanish sun when it gets unbearable.