Friday, 24 February 2017

UN Data Shows Fewer Spaniards Emigrate Abroad Than any other European Nation

UN Data Shows Fewer Spaniards Emigrate Abroad Than any other European Nation

Spain is a wonderful place to live and with it
being so great why leave ?
Everyone knows that Spain is the most popular choice for holidays and property in Europe, which just goes to show the appeal of the country for Europeans, Americans, and everyone else across the world.

Now some interesting data has been released by the UN showing that only 2.7% of Spaniards choose to live abroad; this is the lowest figure in all of Europe.

The UN map shows that many nations in Eastern Europe experience high rates of emigration from the native population. Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular lose 43.3% of their native population to other nations.

The rest of the top five is made up of Albania (38.8%), Macedonia (24.8%), Portugal (22.3%) and Montenegro (22.1%). Other top scorers included Ireland at 18.8% and Romania with 17.5%.

7.6% of native Brits are currently living abroad. The Scandinavian countries seem to offer enough to keep the natives at home as Norway and Sweden have only 3.7% and 3.4% of their native population living abroad respectively, while Finland has 5.4%.

There were a few years when the recession got really bad in which thousands of Spaniards flocked the Germany and the UK to find work. While a number of these people chose to stay where they ended up, the UN data shows that, as the Spanish economy recovered, the Spaniards came back home.

Given the affordability of the country, along with the fine Spanish cuisine, climate, and natural beauty, it’s understandable that Spain manages to be a perennial favourite with Spaniards and foreign visitors alike.

The UN put together another map that showcases the most popular destinations for each nation. According to this map Brits are most likely to head to Australia, while the Irish typically go to the UK, Germans head to the US, and most of Eastern Europe heads to Germany.

One interesting piece of data is that Spaniards are most likely to go to France, while the French are most likely to go to Spain.