Friday, 17 February 2017

Costa del Sol Smashes Record for Hotel Overnight Stays

Costa del Sol Smashes Record for Hotel Overnight Stays

The Costa del Sol continues to smash all records

The Costa del Sol has a great range of hotels visitors can stay in, but this is often overlooked when ranking the charms of the region. It was the Costa del Sol where the concept of having a home in the sun was born after all. The region became so internationally renowned thanks to all the great properties on offer.

Even so, holidaymakers have always enjoyed the many delights of the Costa del Sol from a comfortable hotel room. Given the surge in popularity for Spain as a whole recently, it’s only right to expect an increase in demand for hotel rooms.

The Costa del Sol Tourism Board recently released data showing that the region has never seen more demand for overnight stays. 2016 was the first time ever that over five million people booked an overnight stay in a hotel in the region.

This number was an increase of 5% over 2015, and was fuelled by an increase in British, French, German, and Scandinavian tourists flocking to the Costa del Sol for a night or two. Or seven.

The president of the Tourism Board – Elias Bendodo – says there were 1,013,161 Brits staying at the Costa del Sol in 2016. This was an increase of 11.1% over 2015, and is another reminder that Brits love Spain as much as they ever did; even with all the worries about the weak pound and the Brexit.