Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Malaga Residents Found to be Among Most Satisfied in EU

Malaga Residents Found to be Among Most Satisfied in EU

A new study ranking EU cities in terms of wellness and satisfaction of their residents has found that Malaga residents are the fourth-most satisfied people in all of Europe.

The EU study looked at 40,000 EU residents across 79 cities and asked them their general opinions on everything from healthcare, the environment, to safety and leisure facilities. Each city was given a score out of 100, with Malaga getting an overall score of 96. This put the city in fourth place behind Aalborg in Denmark, which got 99, Hamburg in Germany with 98, and Copenhagen, Groningen, Oslo and Zurich, all of which tied with 97.

Malaga was still the top ranked city in Spain. It came out ahead of Oviedo, which scored 94, and the 90 ranking of Barcelona. Four Spanish cities were polled in all and fourth place went to Madrid, which scored 86.

Despite the high score there were some aspects of Malaga that scored poorly. Healthcare in particular scored badly, with one sector awarding a score of just 63 out of 100. Malaga also ranked poorly in Education. A whopping 94% of Malaga citizens said that finding a job was difficult.

Even though Malaga citizens were concerned about how clean the city was, they were still quite happy with the safety, leisure facilities, transport, and cost of living of the city.

The least-satisfied citizens in the EU can be found in Naples, Palermo, and Istanbul. These three are part of a small handful of cities that ranked below 80 points.