Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Average Property Investor in Spain Revealed; A European Father Between 40-50

The Average Property Investor in Spain Revealed; A European Father Between 40-50

Buying property in the Costa del Sol comes
in all shapes, sizes and ages
A recent survey suggests that the typical foreign investor for Spanish property is a man aged 40-50 with a family. The study, carried out by Iberia Real Estate suggests that the most common profile for Spanish investors is indeed a northern European middle-aged father.

Iberia Real Estate recently analysed their data and discovered that the people most interested in investing in Spanish property were fathers aged between 40 and 50 and that they were likely to come from northern European countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Average-Property-Investor-in-Spain-Between-40-50

The survey also showed that for every ten people who visit Spain two of them seriously consider the idea of purchasing Spanish property; especially in tourist hotspots such as Andalucía, Valencia and Catalonia.

This is great news for the Spanish property sector following the record breaking tourism seen this year. Spanish newspaper El Mundo are predicting that there will be a 30% increase in Spanish property transactionsthis year, which is thanks to a mixture of the resurgent domestic market and foreign investors choosing Spain because of its position as a safe choice.

Many other popular holiday and investment choices across Europe have suffered from terrorism in the past 18 months and as such Spain has found itself taking in more tourists and money as tourists choose Spain over these unsafe destinations.

There is also not much surprise when it comes to the profile of the average property buyer in Spain. Middle-aged men tend to also be the richest demographic of these countries and, with the news that the British, German and Scandinavian economies are recovering it isn’t surprising that the people most likely to invest in Spanish property belong to these groups.

Something else that can’t be overlooked is the excellentSpanish property market. Spain offers a perfect blend of affordability,quality, choice, and convenience. Throw in the Spanish culture, which is not that different from that of northern Europe, the warm climate, the excellent infrastructure, and the healthcare and you have a great place to own property.