Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why Spain is a Great Place for Your Kids to Grow Up

Why Spain is a Great Place for Your Kids to Grow Up

Spain and the Costa de Sol will always be a
wonderful place to bring up children due
to the Mediterranean lifestyle and great weather.
If you’ve ever taken a look around the blog then you know that we think Spain is a great place for kids to grow up and we’ve told you plenty of reasons why. In case you missed it here are the main reasons that Spain is the best place for kids to live and grow up.
·        Longer Childhood

No one is quite sure why but that doesn’t change the fact that kids are just kids for longer when they live in Spain. One of the reasons is that peer pressure and social pressure isn’t as big in Spain. Teenagers are allowed to go gaga over babies and toddlers without anyone thinking anything of it. If anything British kids should be allowed to have their childhoods back.
·        Safety

Spain is a country with a relatively low crime rate. There’s no need for parents to be constantly worried about their kids. In Spain you wouldn’t need to think twice if a stranger were to approach your child, talk to them, or even hold your baby. Something that would just never happen in Britain.
·        Healthcare

Spain has a fantastic healthcare system, especially when it comes to kids. Their state hospitals are a great place to give birth. It’s not like in Britain where you could be waiting a long time. They take healthcare seriously and there are practically no waiting times.
·        Language

When an expat child grows up in Spain they will learn at least two languages. They will know their mother tongue and Spanish. They might even learn a third or fourth language depending on where in Spain you are. Learning a new language can only ever be a good thing, especially for a child.
·        The Great Outdoors

Because of the warm weather many people spend more time outdoors than indoors, particularly in the south. There are also plenty of sports facilities everywhere. Playing on the beach and enjoying the countryside is something a child can do every day rather than when they’re on holiday.
·        Family First

Spain has very tight family units. Children in Spain grow up respecting their family members and appreciating what it’s like to be part of a family. They will grow up proud of their family and with respect for their elders. While they might not meet some members of their family as they are in different countries they will enjoy the time they spend together with those relatives more.
·        Food

Staying in a new place means encouraging your children to eat new foods. There are many great dishes kids love in Spain and there isn’t really a “kids menu” in the restaurants. Instead it’s customary for families to just share their plates of food. At home meal time becomes family time. There isn’t even a lot of fast food in Spain. Have you ever seen someone walking eat and eating in Spain?