Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spain Expects 74 Million Tourists in 2016

Spain Expects 74 Million Tourists in 2016

The Madrid-based tourism agency Exceltur has claimed they expect Spain will see 74 million tourists in all through 2016, which would decimate the record of 68 million visitors set last year.

The Costa del Sol is Booming and goes from strength to strength.
As the summer season truly kicks in the leading agency for tourism in Spain believes that Spain will end up being the most popular tourist destination of 2016 following the terror attacks in tourism rival France and the continued safety concerns of other formerly popular tourist destinations along the Mediterranean.

Portugal is also expected to see a rise in tourism of about 30% as tourists are choosing the safer areas on the Iberian peninsula.

While it’s true that nowhere is truly safe from terrorism Spain hasn’t seen a terror attack in around 12 years and their intelligence department is one of the best in Europe. Overall Spain is definitely the place to be for the more nervous holidaymakers that are looking for a safe space in the sun.

The amount of money visitors are spending in Spain has already gone up 7.8% per head in 2016 which is suggesting that the improved European economy is having a positive effect on tourism itself. It looks like tourists are more willing to open their wallets and spend their money.

The bulk of Spanish visitors continue to come from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. Even so Exceltur is expecting the country will see a rise in French tourists as people are leaving the country for their holiday for the first time in a long time; having been driven away from their own French resorts by the shadow of terrorism. It’s also expected there will be a rise in tourists from the Eastern end of Europe including Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Most people come to spain due to it being one of the safest places in Europe and having fantastic beaches  low cost of living, world class Mediterranean lifestyle and a temperature that averages over 20c, no wonder Spain and the Costa del Sol is so popular with tourists and property buyers