Saturday, 6 August 2016

Málaga Province Set for €6bn From Summer Tourists

Málaga Province Set for €6bn From Summer Tourists

Another record breaking summer expected for the Costa del Sol
The Costa del Sol is going to be busy all summer long according to predictions from the tourist board in the region. It’s true that summer seems to have arrived in force this year. Already the tennis is on the TV, the thermometers are creeping higher, and it’s all too easy to give up on work.

One of the main signs summer is here for Spain is the rise in tourists heading to the Costa del Sol.

The region has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and could contain thousands of tourists at any one time. This summer promises to be bigger than ever though with one Costa del Sol tourism authority suggesting that the number of tourists could be up by 11% over last year.

This means that Málaga could see a lot more cash in the coming months with people filling up restaurants, resorts, cafés and bars. The tourist board in question went so far as to estimate that Málaga would see €6bn enter the economy between June and September.

The president of the Costa del Sol tourism authority Elias Bendodo said that he believes an extra 623,000 people will enter the region compared to 2015. If this does happen then it means that the region will welcome over six million visitors in all for the first time ever. This is mostly down to the affordable prices, the recovering European economy, and the unfortunate threat of terrorism keeping away from other popular Mediterranean destinations.

Bendodo held a press conference where he said that he is optimistic about the summer season. The winter saw 12% more visitors compared to last year and he expects that this is a sign that this will be the biggest year ever for the Costa del Sol.

These are confident words but the data and trends are backing them up. It’s expected that Brits will continue to be the biggest group by nationality but the way the geopolitical situation in Europe is playing out means that the region will see more new visitors than ever.

The tourism board say that 57% more people are coming in from Poland, along with 41% more Danes and 11% more Germans. Most of these people are choosing Spain over Egypt and Turkey.

It’s also expected that 25% more French and 15% more Dutch visitors will come to the country for the same reasons. The number of Brits heading to the south of the country is expected to go up by 21%, which should help put to bed any myths that the Brexit vote has left Spain less popular with Brits.

Brits have always been coming to the Costa del Sol, for the beaches and lifestyle even before the EU was created. He is sure that this is a trend that will likely never stop.