Saturday, 20 August 2016

Buying Property in Spain Part 2

Buying Property in Spain Part 2
The Complications of Buying Property in Spain through other less professional companies.

Costa Del Sol Property Group can help you as we have over 29,000
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Because there are a lot of real estate agents in Spain it’s become common practice for these agents to share properties. Basically you can end up seeing the same property listed on more than one website and sometimes the property listing has a different price and even different information. When you call up one of those real estate agents to ask about a property you are automatically listed as a client with them to ensure that you only deal with them. Even if you never talk to the real estate agent again and never step foot in their office you will still be listed as their client in some property databases.

Why is this a Problem?

This can become a problem because there are times when agents have refused to allow someone to view a shared property because they appear to be a client with several agents and thus any sales commission would be spread apart too much. You might not know this is the situation as a buyer but it becomes frustrating for an agent. It also means that you don’t receive the service that you should. Our recommended property finder will help you avoid this problem entirely.

How we Guide you Through the Maze of Spanish Property Purchases

When you register with the Costa del Sol Property Group we make sure to connect you with a professional property finder who can help you find the right property for you. They will be your representative and ensure that you get only the highest quality of service at all parts of the purchasing process.

They have a trained and dedicated customer service team that will be able to help you find the right property and assist you in any way should an issue come up.

The following information will help you deal with some of these potential issues so that you can make the purchasing process as pain-free as possible when purchasing property in Spain.

Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Spanish Property

1.      Don’t be surprised if the first properties you are shown are bad properties or properties that are well out of your price range or don’t meet your needs. This is a common tactic employed by Spanish and foreign real estates to soften you up ready for the house they really want to sell you which will be the last property they show you that day. Work with your property finder to prepare a shortlist of properties before starting the day.

2.      Don’t believe the seller or agent when they tell you that someone else has also shown interest in the property and will be placing a deposit.

3.      Have your deposit ready to go so that you can secure a property at short notice. Having this cash deposit in hand before entering the negotiations makes it a powerful negotiation tool. It also shows the seller that you are committing to purchasing a property and are able to purchase their property. As long as you’ve also got a good lawyer this deposit is completely refundable if the property doesn’t have the right licenses and paperwork.

4.      It’s perfectly fine to sleep on the decision. The property will almost always be there waiting for you the next day no matter what the agent tells you. Making a phone call first thing in the morning and dropping of the deposit is enough to secure the place for you. Even so you need to work with your agent and communicate clearly with them.

5.      If the property has just been painted then take a look for cracks and water damage. Spanish sellers aren’t in the habit of presenting a property for sale. This fresh coat of paint is usually hiding something really bad. At least you aren’t likely to come across a piece of wallpaper hiding a huge crack.

6.      Visit the house again when you’re on your own so that you can see the property at a time the agent doesn’t specifically want you to. You might find that there’s something near the property the agent was able to work around like bad traffic or an industrial zone. It could also make you want the property more as you take a look at the beautiful sunset from the terrace of what may become your peaceful new property in the sun(set).