Saturday, 16 July 2016

Three Ways to Avoids Crowds this Summer in Spain

Three Ways to Avoids Crowds this Summer in Spain

Spain has gone from preparing for the busiest summer ever to living with it. As the temperature rises the crowds are rising with it.

You and always avoid the crowds in the Costa del Sol
Even though Spain is expecting millions more visitors than usual thanks to terrorism scaring people away from other popular destinations, it’s still entirely possible for you to find your own little private piece of paradise. As long as you know where to find it anyway.

            1.      Keep Going South

There are a number of great beaches in the Costa del Sol including Pureto Banús, the Golden Mile, and Terremolinos. The Costa del Sol has everything you need to sit yourself down on the sand and occasionally slip into the sea.

During the summer however it also has a lot of tourists come by. You should be able to find a little patch of beach to sit down on but if you want some peace and quiet at the beach you need to keep going south. Go as south as you can. Go past Estepona, past Manilva, even go past Tarifia. Keep going until you reach Zahara de los Atunes. This is where the peace and quiet you’ve been craving is, along with the beautiful white sand and stunning ocean view.

2.      Run to The Hills

The roads heading in from the coastline resort make their way through plenty of mountains and scrubland before reaching those little towns and pueblos. Some of these roads will deliver you to the hidden traditional part of Spain. They show you the world of pueblos holding on to the hills, surrounding by beautiful valleys of olive and citrus groves.

Everything disappears and what you’re left with is pure, unfiltered Spain. It’s cheaper and friendlier than the rest of Spain too, with things moving at a pace you didn’t think existed anymore.

There are three inland villages in particular you owe it to yourself to visit; Yunquera, Alozaina and Casaraboneloa. They’re all pretty close to each other and just down the road from Marbella, making them seem like an entirely different world away from the Costa del Sol.

3.      Leave Early

This is less of an insider tip and more common sense really. But take a second to consider it. The Costa del Sol is filled with party towns. The people there won’t be waking up until around 11AM. So if you leave early and head out at 8 you can beat the crowds. Everything will be practically empty and yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Things get warm when the sun rises. Take a dip in the sea and dry off under the sun by 9 and take a morning stroll without getting too sweaty. Things are beautiful during a summer morning. You can see and do what you want to do before anyone else even wakes up.