Friday, 8 July 2016

Money Lost Through Off-Plan Spanish Property Deposits Can be Recovered

Money Lost Through Off-Plan Spanish Property Deposits Can be Recovered

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The Spanish Supreme Court have come to a decision that could give over 100,000 Brits closure after their dreams of owning a Spanish property was crushed. They have ruled that the people who lost their money by depositing it to secure an off-plan property or by making stage payments can have their money returned.

The Off-Plan property deposits in question averaged around £40,000 and were lost after the Spanish financial crisis caused the companies the money was given to to either go bankrupt or disappear entirely. This ruling holds the banks in charge of the missing money responsible for paying back possibly to £4 billion in lost deposits to Brits and other northern European purchases.

While there is no official data on the matter Costa Del Sol Property Group have estimated that up to £15 billion could be refunded to off-plan buyers across Europe as a whole who saw their money disappear after the crash.

The money will be returned to people like John Thompson and his wife Debbie. Together they lost around €75,000 trying to buy property on the Costa del Sol. The property was bought off-plan and they paid several deposits on the property of up to half of the €150,000 asking price on the property.

Costa Del Sol Property Group are one of the most knowledgeable firms when it comes to this area of the law and work with the best lawyers that know the Spanish system and have a 100% record to date on a No Win No Fee. As such they put together their own dedicated legal team to help non-Spaniard reclaim lost off-plan deposits back following a no-win no-fee basis in record time. They also have team members who are fully fluent in English.

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